Laser Dentistry

One of the most effective technological advances in the dentistry field is the use of lasers. Laser dentistry has allowed certain procedures to evolve and become easier and less painful. Lasers eliminate the need for anesthesia and drilling. It also helps to reduce the healing time and discomfort that can follow. The high energy of the laser beam also works to sterilize the area and therefore reduces the number of bacterial infections that can spring up.

For some that are anxious and nervous about a trip the dentist, visiting a dentist that uses lasers, like Dental Care of Morristown, can be helpful to calm the nerves. The lack of a drilling sound and the assurance of a safer experience can help many who have been too afraid to visit the dentist.

Lasers can be used for the following procedures:

  • Root Canal Therapy – A laser helps to speed up the process and eliminate bacteria that can cause a root canal to have to be redone later.

  • Cavity Detection – A laser can see small cavities that x-rays and physical examination can’t see. The earlier treatment of a cavity prevents larger issues later.

  • Gum Disease Treatment – What used to be a painful process with bleeding and a long healing time has become a relatively pain-free and blood free process. No stitches are needed since the laser aids in clotting.

  • Tooth Whitening – Laser teeth whitening has proven to be the most effective teeth whitening method.

  • Lasers help set and harden restorative materials like crowns and veneers.

Our team at Dental Care of Morristown in Morristown, NJ are skilled and qualified to successfully use lasers in these procedures.

Dr. Mann

Dr. Mann

Dentistry is a proven way to help enhance people’s lives, and it’s a privilege for me to positively affect the health of so many families in my community. Modern dental care provides a wealth of benefits, and it is my goal to give my patients the oral health & beautiful smiles they deserve.


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