Precautionary Measures Placed in our Office During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our office follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We follow the activities of these agencies so that we are up-to-date on any new rulings or guidance that may be issued.

Scientific Facts about COVID-19

Scientists have observed the following traits about the virus:

  • It’s more infectious than previous viruses on the global scene.
  • Those that are at a high likelihood of getting infected are the aged and those with underlying medical conditions.
  • Once an infected person sneezes or coughs, the droplets can remain in the air. The infection occurs through the mucosal membranes, including the nose, eyes, and mouth.
  • Infected persons may spread the virus before the symptoms have been identified.
  • Infected children are likely to be asymptomatic.

The virus can also survive on surfaces, and once you touch the surface where the droplets from an infected person settled, you can be infected upon touching your face.

The Implications of COVID-19 at our Dental Office

We already adhere to standard precautions: however, we are working extra hard to help prevent transmission in our office.

Things we are doing to additionally to help:

  • Screen patients for international travel, signs or symptoms of infection and update their medical histories.
  • Include temperature readings as part of our routine assessment of the patient prior to performing dental procedures.
  • Use of personal protective equipment that is appropriate for the procedures performed including N95 masks and face shields
  • Use a rubber dam or isolite whenever possible to decrease possible exposure to infectious agents.
  • We use high speed evacuation for all dental procedures producing an aerosol
  • Autoclave our handpieces after each patient.
  • Clean and disinfect public areas frequently, including door handles, chairs, and bathrooms.
  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters placed in each operatory and throughout the office to help limit any aerosolized virus
  • Patients appointments are being staggered to ensure there are as few people as necessary in the office at all times
  • Patients are kindly requested to come alone or with one companion if necessary to help limit numbers in the waiting room

The ADA has come up with resources to guide dentists on how to handle treatment during this time. It has continually implemented measures on aerosols and control against infection. All this has been reviewed to ensure the safety of the dental team and the patients.

At dental care of Morristown, we are committed to ensuring the safety of your family. We are following all the regulations given by ADA and other dental associations in the fight for COVID-19 pandemic. Rest assured we will stay on top of every possible measure and happy to adapt as needed.

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