Why do we take dental x-rays?

Why do we take dental x-rays?

April 1, 2019

Many a time, people tend to consider dental procedures as mere aesthetic add-ons. That said, in reality, dentistry is as much a physiological science as any other field of human anatomy. Hence, every single aspect of dentistry has a specific purpose to serve – get the best possible functional and aesthetic characteristics of the teeth satisfied.

An important part of this process are the dental x-rays. Dental Care Morristown and its experts have observed that there should be more awareness about the usage of dental x-rays among patients of dentistry. Hence, here is brief guide to help you out:

To find cavities and tooth decay

If you have ever tried observing a dental process from the perspective of a dentist, you will get to see that finding a cavity or a decaying tooth is not that easy. Although the patient might be able to clearly point out where the pain is, it is difficult to gauge where else have the cavities spread themselves out.

Hence, an x-ray provides with a comprehensive picture of the teeth and helps in detecting cavities and tooth decay, which would otherwise be difficult to find.

Reveal bone loss

It is impossible for even the trained human eye to differentiate between two states of bones from two different timelines. Hence, x-rays provide a simple peep into comparing the bone densities over two different periods.

This way, the dentist can be sure whether there has been a bone loss or some other issue faced by the patient.

Wisdom teeth

Once the wisdom teeth start to grow, most people are able to detect them only when they have reached a certain stage of maturity and the tooth starts causing. If the x-rays are used effectively, they can give an early indication of the current stage of the wisdom tooth using which, the dental expert can determine when would be the right time to extract the tooth.

Orthodontic treatments

Hence, it is only logical to conclude that x-rays have played a very important role in the development of orthodontics as a field and have empowered the modern day dentists with better diagnostic and analytical power by providing them a clear picture of the otherwise unforeseeable. So, digital x-rays and oral health definitely go hand in hand.

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