What are the Advantages of Laser Treatment?

What are the Advantages of Laser Treatment?

September 1, 2019

Dentistry has evolved over a period of time. We can now see several procedures along with modern techniques and tools for addressing your dental needs. A department of dentistry namely cosmetic dentistry is changing the lives of people for the better. Cosmetic dentistry is the way of beautifying the smile with the help of invasive and non-invasive procedures. Some of the examples of cosmetic dentistry treatments are teeth whitening, Veneers, Lumineers, Bonding, Gum Contouring, Invisalign, fillings, and a lot more.

Laser Dentistry is also a department of dentistry that makes the use of laser light for treating dental issues. It has emerged as one of the most popular options as it is quick, non-invasive, and painless. Let’s explore more about laser dentistry.

What is Dental Laser?

The word laser expands to ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’. The laser diode emits a thin and concentrated beam of light energy. The light is measured in wavelengths and each wavelength creates separate thermal output. This helps the dentist in determining their interaction with a particular tissue. Also, some wavelengths are more appropriate for performing certain procedures than others. There are certain lasers that are used for treating soft tissues while others are used for treating hard tissues such as bone and tooth enamel.

What Procedures Do Dental Laser Perform?

  • It can be used for removing inflamed gum tissue.
  • Laser helps in reducing the discomfort from cold sores and cankers.
  • It can be used for reshaping the gum tissue which has overgrown because of certain abnormalities.
  • It can help in removing tissues from a partially exposed wisdom tooth.
  • It is used for removing and reshaping the bone and gum tissue during the crown lengthening procedure.
  • It helps in removing muscle attachments that restrict tongue or lip movement.
  • Laser also helps in speeding up the teeth whitening procedure.
  • Laser can be used for repairing worn-down fillings.
  • It helps in reducing the discomfort from cold sores and cankers.
  • It is used for preparing the tooth enamel for composite bonding.
  • Laser can be used for removing enamel for procedures that need enamel to be removed such as veneers.

How Does Laser Treatments Benefit people?

One of the major benefits of laser dentistry is that it makes people take a sigh of relief as there is no risk of pain. It doesn’t need any drilling or sedation which minimizes the discomfort of the patients. Apart from pain, patients are often scared of bleeding which is quite controlled during the laser procedure. Unlike other procedures, the laser causes lesser damage to the surrounding tissues. The healing time is less as there are no severe scars or incisions. The chances of bacteria and infection are also reduced as the laser light sterilizes the surgical site and limit the chances of infection.

Fluoride is effective in preventing cavities by inhibiting demineralization and increasing mineralization. The laser can make fluoride treatment effective by preventing demineralization. The efficiency of laser combined with fluoride can inhibit demineralization exceptionally well.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

The laser dentistry is safe provided it is performed by a trained professional. The dentists need training for using each of the laser devices and they can only use it for the purpose which laser was intended to address. If you are looking for laser treatment, you must ask the dentist about their training background. You will be given protective gear for your eyes so that there is no damage by the laser beams.

It has been observed that laser dentistry is still confined to certain dentists as the higher cost of equipment, need for special training, and a limited number of procedures that can be performed by the laser stops many dentists from investing in it for their dental clinic. Still, you will find many dentists who are keeping pace with the changing times and offering the latest treatments from the field of dentistry such as a laser.

The laser treatments are very safe and painless but in case you feel any kind of discomfort, the emergency dentistry near you can be at your rescue. You can make a call and explain to them about the discomfort and ask for tips to address it.

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