Understanding a Root Canal Treatment

Understanding a Root Canal Treatment

March 16, 2019

Nowadays root canal treatment is a common dental procedure. It might make you feel and uneasy if you don’t understand how it works and helps.

The goal of the root canal isn’t to give you pain, it is to save your tooth that is severely infected.

Why and when it is needed?

Root canal treatment is like filling or restoring specific dental problems and stops it from regenerating. A dentist removes the bacteria and dying or dead tissue from inside the tooth which is known as inner pulp.

Dental Care of Morristown recommends root canal when the infection is deep or caused due to injury, untreated cavity. Treating the tooth is the only way to stop an infection from spreading.

It is done in 3 steps-

  • Cleaning the root canal

Dentist gives you anaesthesia to perform the procedure. They make a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and remove the diseased and dead pulp tissue with small tools.

  • Filling the root canal

The dentist cleans, shapes and decontaminates the hollow area with help of tools and irrigation solutions. The filling is done with a rubber-like material by using an adhesive cement to seal the canals.

You will not feel any pain once the nerve tissue is removed and infection has been eradicated.

  • Putting a crown

The tooth becomes more fragile than before. Without pulp, gets more brittle, so a crown offers the protection.

This helps in chewing or biting like as before.

Last chance before extraction

If an infection has caused severe damage to the internal structures of your teeth, root canal treatment may not be appropriate. The tooth may require to be extracted immediately.

Extraction is the only option to protect your tooth from a spreading infection further. In the root canal treatment, the dentist disinfects your infected tooth and restores it with the following method. A dental crown is used to cap a tooth which was treated with root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment can save your tooth

Understanding root canal treatment is important. Consult the best dentist provided at Dental Care of Morristown. They proudly serve their patients.

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