Some Facts About Sports Mouth Guards

Some Facts About Sports Mouth Guards

October 1, 2019

Are you involved in any contact sports? If you are, you may want to discuss with your dentist during your appointment for teeth whitening about getting mouth guards customized for you. The mouth guard can protect your teeth and gums from damages when playing contact sports.

You don’t need to make an emergency visit to your dentist to understand the facts about sports mouth guards. The best way to protect your smile is by making a small investment in a comfortable mouth guard. Continue learning about the facts of sports mouth guards your dentist would want to know.

Protect Your Teeth

Mouth guards can act as a protective barrier over the upper teeth to reduce the risks of injury, which are always present in games like football. An accident in a game of football will knock your teeth out, making it necessary for you to contact your dentist for a dental sealant. It is also a protective barrier against tackles or being hit in the mouth by other players.

Mouth guards are only required for the top teeth unless you are wearing braces. You can breathe easier during the game while also being comfortable with the fit with a safeguard over the top teeth.

Your mouth guard will display signs of wear and tear over time. You will need to get a new one when the material is no longer adequate to be considered protective. It is recommended that you replace your mouth guard every six months to make sure your teeth are getting the best protection.

Cleaning your mouth guard after every practice and game is essential to maintain good oral health. Bacteria and microorganisms can flourish in moist environments, even if you have had a fluoride treatment. The task is not difficult because you simply need to scrub the mouth guard with a toothbrush before rinsing it in cold water and setting it aside in a ventilated container.

Mouth guards for braces must be worn during orthodontic treatment. After attempting to straighten your smile, you wouldn’t want to knock out a tooth playing football. Mouth guards for braces can prevent wires and brackets from ripping into soft tissue when impacted.

Stock mouth guards are better avoided because they cannot offer a similar level of protection as a customized one made by your dentist. If you plan on playing contact sports for the entire season, investing in a customized mouth guard can be considered worth it.

The Cost of a Mouth Guard

Getting a sports mouth guard not only offers protection to your oral health but also your wallet. Restorative dentistry for an implant or a crown is cost-prohibitive as compared to a sports mouth guard. We recommend you don’t try to cut corners by obtaining a stock mouth guard from the local sports goods store. The store may offer you a generic mouth guard at an affordable price without telling you that the protection provided is not the same as a customized mouth guard. Therefore, you need to arrive at the right decision because any compromises can take you back to the dentist’s office requesting dental sealants to repair the damage in your mouth.

Many people are content purchasing generic mouth guards from local stores with the belief it can provide them with the protection needed by their teeth. Unfortunately, these are the people who are not aware of the facts of sports mouth guards or why they should be considering a customized option. Their primary concern is to reduce the costs of the guard without realizing it could cost them more later.

Getting customized sports mouth guards from a dentist is recommended for individuals involved in contact sports because of many reasons. The dentist understands the needs of his or her patient better as they would have observed the mouth of the individual during processes of teeth whitening or providing a fluoride treatment. The dentist would be in a better position to determine the type of customization needed for the individual and therefore make an attempt to provide the best solution possible.

Individuals involved in contact sports must not only understand mouth guards are an essential requirement but also invest in customized sports mouth guards to offer their teeth the best protection available.

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