Tooth Extractions  in Morristown, NJ

Think you may need a tooth extraction near you in Morristown, NJ? While it is classified as oral surgery, making it sound very serious, most tooth extractions are routine procedures.

Reasons for Dental Extractions in Morristown, NJ

Some reasons for dental extractions include:

  • Trauma – Injury to the teeth and/or gums, bone, and soft tissue like the lips or tongue.
  • Crowding – A tooth may need to be pulled to make room for other teeth or to make room for better alignment.
  • Infection – If the pulp inside the tooth becomes infected, and root canal therapy has failed due to the severity of the infection, an extraction may be the only option to preserve bone loss.
  • Gum Disease – This can lead to the teeth loosening, which may result in the tooth being pulled.

Morristown Tooth Extraction Aftercare

Do you need dental surgery? After your dentist has determined that a dental extraction needs to be performed, they will review your options and the costs associated. They will also share vital aftercare information to prevent further issues. The recovery time should only take a few days. Contact us today to schedule your tooth extraction exam in Morristown, NJ.

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