Dental Bridges in Morristown, NJ

Searching for dental bridges in Morristown? Tooth bridges are a type of restoration that is custom designed by your dentist to replace missing teeth. It is ideal for filling in a gap where a tooth or teeth are missing.

Morristown Dental Bridges

There are two types of dental bridges, each with pros and cons.

Removable Bridges can easily be taken out for cleaning purposes. This is also an ideal option for someone that may be considering dental implants later on. Since they are removable, they do not offer strong stability.

Fixed Bridges are a more permanent solution. They are cemented to the neighboring teeth. For additional stability, a dental implant bridge can also be attached to the fixed bridge of the jawbone. While more permanent and stable, it may be more difficult to keep clean.

Each patient has different needs, and your Morristown, NJ dentist will discuss all possible options with you to determine which is the best solution. The condition of the surrounding teeth, the stability of the gum and jawbone, and any underlying health issues can all be determining factors.

Using our CAD/CAM technology, we can also create and install your dental bridge much faster than other dentists. Think you could benefit from our dental bridges in Morristown? Contact us today!

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