CEREC Dental Crowns in Morristown, NJ

Looking to get dental crowns in Morristown, NJ? Getting a crown has traditionally been a several step process that requires multiple visits to the dentist. A temporary crown is put in place while the custom-made final crown is being prepared. This is not always convenient for everyone since it may require missing school or work to go to the dentist. With the CEREC System, a cerec crown can be created in the dental office during your appointment!

CEREC Dental Crowns Process

Instead of taking a mold of the tooth to send to a lab so they can make the crown, the CEREC uses a scanner to create a 3D image of the tooth and those surrounding it. It is uploaded to a design software that allows the cerec crown to be fully designed and allows our team to see what the crown will look like in place using digital imagery.

The cerec dental crown is then created from a block of high-quality ceramic. Your dentist will need to slightly polish the tooth, and a color change may be needed to ensure the tooth crown matches the rest of tour teeth. Once you and your dentist are happy with the look of the porcelain crown, it can be placed. You can walk out the door that day with your permanent tooth crown already in place.

Dental Crowns in Morristown, NJ

Dental Care of Morristown is committed to helping all our patients by staying up to date on the newest technological advances in dentistry. These technologies make dental visits easier and less expensive, which we are happy to provide for all of our patients.

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