Root Canal Therapy-- An Effective Way to Ease Tooth Pain

Root Canal Therapy-- An Effective Way to Ease Tooth Pain

November 1, 2021

Is tooth pain disrupting your life? Root canal therapy is a reliable, cost-effective method of treatment to help you feel better fast. A root canal may seem intimidating, but it’s quite simple and can be done in one or two visits.

Root canal therapy is a procedure that can remove the infected pulp, stop the spread of infection and prevent further damage to the tooth. Many people who have experienced this treatment, feel relief right away. If you need more information about root canal therapy in Morristown, NJ, please call us today!

What is a Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure that removes infected tissue from inside the root of the tooth and replaces it with filling material so that your tooth can heal. Root canal therapy may seem intimidating, but it’s simple and can be done in one or two visits.

Root canal treatment has a high success rate, and most patients are very relieved to find out how easy it is. Root canal therapy usually takes less than an hour, and after the treatment, your tooth will not be sensitive or painful. Not only does Root Canal Therapy save teeth, but it can save you money as well.

Why Should You Consider Getting Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment is known as endodontic therapy, and it is used when the tissue inside a tooth becomes infected. Root canal therapy helps relieve the pain you feel when you have an abscessed tooth or if the dental pulp is damaged. You may also need root canal therapy for teeth that are cracked or severely decayed. Root canal treatment requires several visits to your dentist.

The treatment should not be confused with root planing and scaling.

Root canal therapy is used to treat the inside of a tooth, while root planing and scaling remove tartar or plaque from the surface of the teeth.

What Happens During a Root Canal Therapy?

The first step in a root canal therapy procedure is to anesthetize your tooth. A dentist near you will then open the tooth, remove the infected pulp. He will clean the area and insert a dental dam inside of your tooth to keep everything sterile. Teeth fillings can be used to cover the teeth as you wait for the permanent dental crowns. The root canal procedure takes about one to two hours.

What Does A Root Canal Procedure Involve?

As the anesthesia begins to wear out, you will begin to experience pain, soreness, and swelling. You can expect to have severe discomfort, but it will slowly start to subside as time passes. Our dentist in 07960 will prescribe pain medication to manage your symptoms; however, if the pain is too much or continues for an extended time after several days, you may need to visit a dental clinic for assistance.

What Should You Do After the Root Canal?

Avoid spicy, hot, and hard foods after the pulp is removed to allow the gums to heal. You may use cold therapy to reduce the swelling and pain. Also, do not engage in strenuous activities for the first 48 hours. Sleep with your head elevated to ease the pain and reduce swelling.

Common Misconceptions About Root Canal Therapy

One of the common misconceptions is root canal is painful. However, root canal treatment has advanced a great deal in the past years and can be very comfortable. Anesthetics, special medications to help eliminate any pain, and the use of oral sedation are all available options that modern dentists have at their disposal.

Another myth is that tooth extraction is better than root canal treatment. While there are times when tooth extraction may be needed, it is not the most ideal treatment. Root canals allow the tooth to remain a part of your normal oral function and keep the rest of your teeth healthy. The endodontic treatment also prevents you from getting expensive restorative dental treatments.

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