Oral Cancer screening- Best way to prevent all types of Oral Cancers

Oral Cancer screening- Best way to prevent all types of Oral Cancers

December 1, 2019

Oral cancer is a deadly disease. As this disease is life-threatening, early detection and intervention are important to fight it off successfully. If one wants to prevent oral cancer, one should keep up with routine oral cancer screening, which is the best way to catch the disease while it is in the early stages. Oral cancer is mainly divided into two main types. The first impacts the oral cavity, including the lips, the inside of the cheeks, gums, teeth, the front part of the tongue and the floor and roof of the mouth. The second type occurs in the pharynx, including the tonsils, which connects the mouth to the oesophagus, and the base of the tongue. Below are some reasons why one should consider getting an oral cancer screening.

Oral Cancer is Deadly

Mostly Men over the age of 50 are at the most risk, especially those who smoke and drink alcohol beyond the limit. However, it is also important to note, that 25 percent of people who do not drink or smoke on a daily basis are still at risk for developing oral cancer.

Oral Cancer Screenings are no rocket science

What could be easier than having an oral cancer screening conducted by a dentist who knows what to look for especially if one is already at the dentist for their annual or semi-annual dental check-up? If one thinks oral cancer can’t happen to them, they should think again. One should pay attention to their oral health, and if something doesn’t feel or look right, make an appointment to have it looked at by an emergency dentist.


It only takes a few minutes to get a thorough oral cancer screening so that you can fit one into any hectic schedule. Your doctor will quickly go through the following steps to check you for all types of oral cancer. During the oral cancer screening, the dentist will visually examine the mouth & surrounding areas. Using laser lights, mirrors & other tools, they can check areas of the mouth that are otherwise too difficult to see.

Cancer Risk Factors Are Often Absent

All of us are aware about the different risk factors for different types of cancer. However, most usual risk factors do not affect oral cancers. Even if one exercises regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and do not drink alcohol or smoke, one can develop oral cancer. Due to this, periodic screenings are vital for everyone.

One Can Rest Easy by Knowing their Status

The thought of having oral cancer is killing. Once the disease is detected, the patient will have a long battle ahead even if the cancer is caught in the early stages, and one may have to go through several debilitating treatments. Instead of worrying about whether or not one has oral cancer, they should make time to get a routine exam because it can ease calm the mind by giving them a clean bill of health. This also helps ease the minds of their loved ones.

Early Detection Can Lead to Better Survival Rates

The key to completely beating any type of cancer is early detection. If one get periodic screenings for oral cancer, they have a better chance of detecting it before it spreads. Catching it at an early phase automatically improves the chances of survival, but it also allows one to explore a wider variety of treatment options. If one suffers from persistent mouth sores, pain in the ears, or lumps in the throat, it is important to get a screening as soon as possible because these are all signs of oral cancer. However, cancer can still be present if one is not experiencing any of these symptoms, so one should take the time to get a screening even if they aren’t having problems.

Lead by setting an example

These screenings are mostly ignored because many people don’t understand how vital they are. By keeping up with routine screenings for themselves, they will raise awareness for their family and friends and encourage them to get screened themselves. This leads to healthier lifestyles and a better well -being for everyone.

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