Digital X-Rays in Morristown, NJ

Searching for digital x-rays in Morristown, NJ? A digital x-ray can help both a dentist and a patient more than traditional x-rays. Dental Care of Morristown is happy to provide in-house digital x-rays. These computer-generated images use 90% less radiation than conventional film-based x-rays that used silver dioxide and required being developed in caustic chemicals. Digital x-rays take a picture using a small electronic sensor. The picture is sent instantly to a monitor to allow us to see the teeth and surrounding area immediately. Want less radiation exposure with our digital x-rays in Morristown, NJ? Contact us today to schedule your digital dental x-ray!

Digital X-Rays Morristown, NJ

Dentists have long used x-rays as a preventive method of seeing what is happening inside the tooth. The x-rays pass through soft tissues like lips, cheeks, the mouth, and face but are absorbed by the hard materials of the teeth and supporting bones. There are many dental issues, such as cavities, that are not always able to be seen with the naked eye. For areas below the surface of the gums, such as the roots of a tooth or the bone surrounding the tooth, x-rays are the only way to see what is happening properly. It can also be used to assess if there are gum disease problems and keep track of the development of the teeth in younger patients.

The speed with which a dentist can see results using a digital x-ray allows him or her to diagnose and treat faster. For the patient, it can speed an appointment up and allow them to see images of the issue while their dentist speaks about it. The reduced amount of radiation required is also much healthier and safe for patients.

Want digital x-rays in Morristown, NJ? Contact Dental Care of Morristown today to schedule your appointment!

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