Dental Health and Root Canals

Dental Health and Root Canals

July 1, 2019

Are you wondering what a root canal procedure is all about? Let’s explore in detail.

What is a Root Canal?

It’s a treatment for repairing a damaged or badly decayed tooth and restoring its look and function. During the procedure, the infected pulp is removed from the inside of the tooth and the canal of tooth is cleaned and sealed. Without treatment, the tooth can get fully infected, leading to abscesses and pain.

Why Does Tooth Pulp Need to Be Removed?

When the nerve tissue or pulp of the tooth is damaged, it breaks down and bacteria begin to multiply within the pulp chamber. This can lead to infection and an abscessed tooth. There is a risk of:

– Bone loss around the tip of the root.

– Swelling which may spread to areas of neck, head, and face.

– Drainage issues extending outward from the root.

What Damages a Tooth’s Nerve and Pulp in the First Place?

The nerve and pulp of the tooth can get infected, irritated, and inflamed due to deep decay, repeated dental procedures, large fillings, crack/ chip in the tooth, and trauma to the face.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

The procedure is performed by an endodontist near you. The patient needs to visit the dental office for 2-3 sittings. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disease and injuries of the dental pulp or nerve of the tooth. The severity of procedure decides which dentist will perform it.

The dentist will first take an X-ray and determine the shape of the root canals and check whether there’s an infection in the surrounding bone. He will then use local anesthesia and place a rubber dam for keeping the area dry and free of saliva. A hole will be drilled into the tooth and the infected pulp will be removed. After sanitizing the canal, a filling known as gutta percha will be placed and the hole will be sealed. If required, the dentist may also put a crown over the tooth for restoring its strength and function.

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