CAD/CAM Smile Restorations

By using Computer-Assisted-Design (CAD) and Computer-Assisted-Manufacturing (CAM) technology, our Morristown, NJ dentists can make custom dental restorations quickly and efficiently. Computers can help with so many things, so we are putting them to work by letting them help restore your smile.

Types of CAD/CAM Restorations

This technology allows our team to create integral dental parts such as crowns, veneers, bridges, dentures, inlays, and onlays. For the CAD component of the technology, a scan is created of your mouth. This is uploaded to the design software that allows your dentist to create the necessary component, such as a crown, digitally. A machine then creates that component using a block of ceramic or composite resin. Color changes can then be made to match the rest of your teeth, and the appliance is ready to be installed!

Same-Day Restorations

Procedures that once took several steps and many visits to the dentist can now often be completed in one visit. Our patients can walk out the door the same day as their procedure with a confident smile and won’t have to worry about taking additional days off of work.

In the past, a patient and dentist would work hard together to design the components of a smile restoration, but the patient was sometimes in the dark about how the finished product would look. With the amazing CAD/CAM technology that Dental Care of Morristown has adapted, a patient can see a 3D image of their new smile in advance. This allows our patients to visualize their new smile and allows them to discuss adjustments with their dentist.

Dr. Mann

Dr. Mann

Dentistry is a proven way to help enhance people’s lives, and it’s a privilege for me to positively affect the health of so many families in my community. Modern dental care provides a wealth of benefits, and it is my goal to give my patients the oral health & beautiful smiles they deserve.


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