Benefits of Single Tooth Anesthesia

Benefits of Single Tooth Anesthesia

May 31, 2018

Dental phobia is a fear that is much more widespread than people may thing. Fear associated with coming to the dentist can come from the procedure needed to get done, the fear can even come from the anesthetic process. A lot of patients are uncomfortable with the injection process to even feel numb. Beyond these fears, many are satisfied with not even going to the dentist in the first place, continuing to feel the pain from the actual tooth ailment. However, thanks to modern techniques and progressive movement in the dental world, we have been given a third option: Single tooth anesthesia (STA).

What is the Single Tooth Anesthesia System?

STA is a specialized device that uses a computer to monitor fluid pressure on the anesthetic administered during your dental procedure. There is a minimization of delivery of anesthesia to a fluid pressure that is equal to what the device senses in a person’s tooth, making it easy to administer this anesthesia to a single tooth in the mouth. After the procedure, you won’t get an overall mount feeling that persists on your mouth, tongue, or face.

The Benefits of Single Tooth Anesthesia

There are a great number of ways this system of anesthesia is superior to conventional tooth numbing practices:

  • Innovation – A single tooth can be numbed, rather than an entire area.
  • Safety – The entire numbing procedure is being controlled by a computer system, giving each patient the amount of anesthesia that is safe for them.
  • Efficiency – The STA system eliminates the guessing done by dentists administering anesthesia by giving the dental profession real time visual and audio feedback.
  • Pain Reduction – There is no discomfort before, during, or after associated with this numbing system.

This system will allow dentists and orthodontist alike to really perfect their craft. At Dental Care of Morristown, NJ, we are constantly learning and growing. Give us a call today to make your very first appointment with us!

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