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9 Things to know about Topical Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a natural mineral which is helpful in promoting strong teeth. The protective layer on our teeth known as enamel is strengthened by the fluoride. The fluoride is received naturally from water and sometime the dentists also prescribe fluoride toothpaste for protection of children’s teeth. The dentist may also suggest fluoride treatment for your child for added protection.

Here’s a Look at 9 things to Know about Fluoride Treatment:

  • FLUORIDE IS A NATURAL MINERAL.Fluoride is a natural mineral which is beneficial for our oral health. It is found naturally in rocks, soil, and several water bodies.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE WORTH THE COST.Some people may find fluoride treatment to be expensive but it is actually an investment. Getting a fluoride treatment will save your money from the dental restorative procedures required for damaged and decayed teeth.
  • FLUORIDE FIGHTS CAVITIES BY STRENGTHENING ENAMEL.The bacteria in our mouth produce acid which weakens the enamel and hence our teeth. Fluoride treatment offers re-mineralization and is effective in preventing cavities.
  • FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS!If you thought that fluoride treatments are just for kids, you have mistaken. They are equally beneficial for the adults and can provide extra protection even to adults.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS CAN REVERSE SMALL CAVITIES!It has been observed that if the cavities in kids are at an early stage, they can be reversed with the fluoride treatment.
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  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS ARE SAFEThe professional treatments are safe as they are done by experienced dentists. You can take the treatment every 3 months.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT STAIN TEETH.It is a misconception that fluoride treatment stains teeth as it can only happen if the teeth are still forming.
  • PROFESSIONAL FLUORIDE TREATMENTS DO NOT HURT.The treatment is absolutely painless and takes only few minutes. It is offered in form of gel, foam, or varnish.
  • YOU CAN EAT AND DRINK AFTER A FLUORIDE VARNISH TREATMENTYou only need to wait for 30 minutes before you can start eating as fluoride varnishes don’t need waiting time.

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