5 Reasons Why You Will Love CEREC®️ Dental Crowns

5 Reasons Why You Will Love CEREC®️ Dental Crowns

August 16, 2019

Dental Crowns are an effective way of saving your teeth from deep decay. The function of the crown is to cover the damaged part of the tooth. This saves the tooth from being otherwise pulled out by archaic means. Professionals at Dental Care Morristown provide CEREC® Crowns which are a technologically evolved replacement for natural teeth. This state-of-the-art facility is highly reliable for the following reasons:

1. More Realistic

These crowns do not leave behind metal signatures like the traditional crowns. The CEREC® Crowns match the color of the associated teeth thus making it less noticeable. Now you can smile more confidently.

2. More Convenient

It takes only a couple of hours to map, mark, measure and make these crowns. The patient is no longer required to wait for weeks. Thus these crowns are more convenient and easily available to the patient. The whole procedure can be completed on the same day. Relax, no more appointments.

3. No Need for Temporary Crown

Traditionally, a temporary crown was placed before a permanent crown could be installed. A temporary crown would usually wither away, leaving the patient in much pain. However, there is no need for temporary crowns in the case of CEREC® Crowns which are rather more permanent in nature.

4. Better Outcomes

CEREC® Dental Crowns provide better accuracy and fit like real teeth. There is very little discomfort caused to the patient in the process. They have a long life of 10-15 years and may last even longer if they are properly cared for. The 3D mapping used for designing these crowns ensures better outcomes.

5. No More Messy Impressions

Earlier after taking the impression of the tooth, a mold was made for the dental crown. This mold was sent to the lab for the final finish. CEREC® Crowns use small cameras to click images of the tooth. These images (3D) are used to design the tooth. Hence, no more messy impressions are required.

The general dentistry has evolved to pave the way for cosmetic dentistry and, CEREC® Crowns are the best example of the same.

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