10-Second Healthy Tooth Tips

10-Second Healthy Tooth Tips

April 27, 2018

Our dentists at Dental Care of Morristown realize the fast paced lifestyle most of us are living. There are quick and simple things we can do to improve our oral health habits even with a busy day. Improving your smile doesn’t always need to cost you extra money and take up your precious time. Read on to learn a few quick and easy ways to obtain and keep a clean and fresh smile.

  • Find a better place for your toothbrush. Leaving your toothbrush in your drawer jammed with all your other toiletries will cause harmful bacteria to grow in your brush and infect your mouth. Try to find a place with adequate airflow that is not touching or getting infected by other objects.
  • Leave the floss on the counter. Leaving your floss in a more visible location will remind you to use it. This will give you the commitment to turn it into a habit.
  • Use mouthwash. Using a fluoride rinse for even 10 seconds can freshen up your mouth and leave you with a cleaner smile.
  • Smile in the mirror. Examining your smile for a few seconds can bring to your attention any immediate dental concerns you may have such as bleeding gums or food stuck in your teeth.
  • Rinse with water. After drinking dark or staining beverages such as red wine and coffee, rinse out your mouth with water. Rinsing your mouth out will help to avoid stains and discoloration that can appear on your teeth.

Finally, call our Dental Care of Morristown clinic to schedule your next consultation. Regular dental exams and cleanings help to keep your smile fresh and healthy. It doesn’t take too much time to look after your smile and begin healthy dental habits.

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